Featured Artists: Annette Markham et. al, Samir Bhowmik & Jukka Hautamaki, Chris Combs, Derek Curry & Jennifer Gradecki, Dasul Kim, Eli Joteva & Provides Ng & Ya Nzi & Artem Konevskikh, Eric Anderson, Heather Lowe, Henry F. Brown, Ian Heisters, Janna Avner, Jeroen van Loon, Liliana Farber, Bruno Moreschi & Gabriel Pereira, Laine Rettmer & Isabel Beavers, and Tyler Bohm.

SciArt Initiative
Curate LA

Tyler Bohm, Generative Model UN, AI-Designed Flags, 2018

Intelligence merges: artificial materials become intertwined and embedded within organic structures of intelligence as emergent technologies sharpen. Neural lacing threatens autonomy; facial recognition jeopardizes our privacy; and deep fakes imperil the truth. AI and machine learning challenge the capacity of human and non-human animal intelligences. In the context of this merger, who is really in charge? What ethical quandaries arise, and what moral responsibilities do we have as biological and technological evolution converge?

Chris Combs, Morale is Mandatory, 2020

Artists in this exhibition both challenge technological evangelism and reject techno-skepticism, addressing a range of positionalities towards AI. To what end do we embrace the learning of machines and the generation of artificially intelligent bodies? How are we implicated, and whose lives are at stake? Utilizing a variety of media, the exhibition seeks to brush the tipping point of AI and consider the ethics and morality of intellectual lacing across class, geography, space, and epistemology.

Writings: Isabel Beavers