Our internship program invites undergraduate students + recent graduate students opportunities for volunteer or receive work-study credits in exchange for mentorship and collaboration. We offer partnerships with local and (inter)national universities for quarterly, bi-annual, or yearly internships both remote and in-person. Roles and responsibilities vary depending on expertise, which include: art + sci + tech research and compilation, marketing and promotion, and exhibition and programming support. 

The Seoul Institute of the Arts partnership with La MaMa and CultureHub enables opportunities to pursue its educational and artistic mission through various global internships.


I am majoring in Advertising Creative at Seoul Institute of the Arts. While studying my major, I had the opportunity to take on roles in planning and creating. Based on these experiences, I developed an interest in designing spaces for exhibitions and brands. I wanted to explore ways to inspire people and lead them to new experiences within the spaces I planned. Through this Supercollider Internship, I had the opportunity to understand the direction of exhibitions and contemplate how to promote and operate them effectively. Managing exhibition promotion on social media and physically visiting exhibition spaces to set up and arrange them allowed me to enhance my understanding of art exhibitions.


I majored in Media Art and Advertising at SIA, and mainly focused on planning various fields such as advertising or exhibitions. I enjoy challenging myself, as I believe it helps me grow. My internship at SUPERCOLLIDER was a big challenge for me. It allowed me to learn the exhibition planning process and sparked my interest in exhibitions. During my time as an intern, I created SNS posts and short videos to promote the company's programs.

The Seoul Institute of the Arts partnership with La MaMa and CultureHub enables opportunities to pursue its educational and artistic mission through various global internships.

The Seoul Institute of the Arts, founded by renowned playwright Chi Jin Yoo in 1962, is a leading arts institution in Korea, educating more than 3000 students and creative professionals in 15 different artistic disciplines.

Seoul Arts is a private, non-profit institution of higher learning located in the city of Ansan, South Korea, with a satellite campus located in Namsan, a neighborhood in downtown Seoul. A driving force in the Korean art and culture scene, the Institute has produced many well-known artists working in a variety of artistic fields. Seoul Arts has four primary goals that drive its educational and programmatic initiatives: to provide an educational environment that is both creative and global, to focus on collaboration and interdisciplinary work that preserves traditional Korean culture in new forms, to strengthen cooperation between industry and academia, and to support the integration of art and science.


I majored in art management at Seoul Institute of the Arts.
Through these major, I gained knowledge about culture and arts planning, promotion/marketing, and management. I have participated as a planning team for various performances such as school plays/musicals. I was mainly in charge of promoting the performance from budget management to promoting the performance to many people, and through this, I became interested in promoting/marketing art to more people, especially SNS promotion/marketing. And while working as an intern at Supercollider, I tried to promote the company's programs, such as producing SNS shorts videos.


I am a student at Seoul Institute of the Arts and my major is Spatial Design and I am studying all the spaces such as exhibition, stage, and interior. I am interested in exhibitions and performances, and I want to go to more places in the future and make my own space someday and show it to more people. While working as an intern at Supercollider, I developed my skills by producing posters, T-shirts, and social media, which are company designs.

The Seoul Institute of the Arts partnership with La MaMa and CultureHub enables opportunities to pursue its educational and artistic mission through various global internships.

This group of interns created video reels and shorts, designed catalogs for curations, and created a strategy for social media and marketing.

Jane Han

I majored in Broadcasting at Seoul Institute of the Arts, and now I am majoring in Media Art as a bachelor's degree.I worked as a directing department of a TV show in Korea. And I have experience in creating social media contents for promotion. I am interested in art exhibitions, performances, and plays, and I want to fuse these artworks with videos.These days, I am interested in environmental pollution and I am making a short video about environmental pollution.

Hailey Kim

I am an intern majoring in media art and advertising in SIA, Korea. I'm studying about arts marketing, media planning and communications. Interested in the environment and social issues, so I always try to create public campaigns.I believe in changes in the world that begin with small discoveries, and I believe the power that comes from when we do it all together.

JiHye Lee

My strength is that I get things done systematically. And I have a lot of affection. And my weakness is that I can't take on new challenges. And I like band music and my hobby is drawing with crayons.

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We offer three internships: a Curatorial Assistant Internship to assist with exhibition and programming support; SciArt Research Outreach Internship to assist with art + sci + tech research and compilation; and a Communications and Digital Marketing Internship to assist with marketing and promotion.


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