SUPERCOLLIDER believes in a future where art, science, and tech collide to inspire social and environmental responsibility.

We bring together leading artists, scientists, and the public to celebrate the future and reframe the challenges facing our world. In this process, we build accountability networks and creative connection across disciplines and locations to spark new skill sets for humanity: collective perseverance and collaborative action.

Our mission is to drive persistent conversation about the future of our home planet. Out of sight, out of mind can no longer define our pursuit of progress. We bring such topics in-sight and in-mind, with art at the forefront.

About Us

SUPERCOLLIDER creates immersive science+art experiences—including (inter)nationally curated satellites for pop-ups, festivals, and research institutes—that vividly reclaim our future and explode our present.

Located at the Beacon Arts Building in Los Angeles, CA, SUPERCOLLIDER is the Mothership (HQ) for sci+art+tech exhibitions in greater Los Angeles and beyond. We feature rotating exhibitions and extend our curations via Satellites to local and (inter)national spaces.


Richelle Ellis

RICHELLE ELLIS is an expeditionary artist exploring planetary connectivity, both on and off Earth. Her work explores connectivity in a world where human impact, technology, and the environment collide. She has had solo shows in Los Angeles, New York, Japan, and international orbit around Earth etched on satellites and aboard rockets. She is an Analog Astronaut at HI-SEAS + Sensoria training for spaceflight.

Isabel Beavers

ISABEL BEAVERS (she/they) is a transdisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles. Their work explores ecologies, examines environmental histories and postulates about climate futures through multimedia installation + new media. Beavers’ work has been presented, exhibited, and screened nationally and internationally. Recent honors include the 2021 AICAD/NOAA Fisheries Art + Science Fellow and 2022 Creative Impact Lab Amman Lead Artist with ZERO1. They are the Artistic Director of SUPERCOLLIDER, and Visiting Lecturer at UC Irvine.

Janna Avner

JANNA AVNER is an artist, curator, writer and co-founder of FEMMEBIT. Embracing inclusive, grass roots, and cross-disciplinary approaches to the philosophy behind art, Janna believes artists can help shape emerging technologies through cultural analyses beyond older academic pedagogies.

Eli Joteva

Eli Joteva (b.1990) is a Bulgarian intermedia artist, researcher and educator. Joteva has exhibited internationally across Europe, the US, Asia, the Middle East and Australasia including at Ars Electronica, Linz; Noor Riyadh, Riyadh; Rijksmuseum Twenthe, Enschede; Fosun Foundation, Shanghai, and the Queensland Centre for Photography, Newstead.  Joteva holds a BA from USC Roski, an MFA from UCLA, and completed The New Normal postgraduate research program at Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture, and Design. Currently she is a visiting lecturer at the SciArc EDGE Program, and teaches XR principles internationally at GEC Academy, houdini.school and with her collective current.cam.

Sasha Fishman

SASHA FISHMAN is a sculptor and researcher based in LA. She is interested in marine biomaterials, toxicology + genetic engineering as points for critical analysis + mechanisms for sculpting. Fishman has presented her work and workshops at Genspace, UCLA, UDenver, CSULB, and Caltech. Fishman is currently organizing a community cicada shell collection and bioplastic extraction and working at the Baltimore Jewelry Center.

Emma Akmakdjian

Emma Akmakdjian is an interdisciplinary artist who translates climate data and system processes into interactive installations to dissolve barriers between nature and culture. Her work focuses on mariculture and marine ecologies, taking inspiration from her experience as an AAUS scientific scuba diver and volunteer with the Channel Islands National Park for over eight years. Akmakdjian received her MFA from UCLA in Design | Media Arts and has a certificate in Leaders of Sustainability.

Our Values

SUPERCOLLIDER works to actively recruit an inclusive team of leadership, SciArt Ambassadors, program participants, and exhibiting artists. We are a womxn-run organization and are committed to fostering a community of art-sci-tech practitioners in Los Angeles that actively seeks inclusivity. While our leadership and SciArt Ambassador Program are open only to women, women-identifying, nonbinary, and trans individuals, we welcome all to participate in our residency programs and exhibitions.

  • 01

    We respond to the current times by tackling social and environmental issues that impact us all.

  • 02

    We address global problems through diversity and scaled connectivity to spark collaborative action.

  • 03

    We use art to ignite awe through new experiences and insights, expanding our worldview.

  • 04

    We look at topics from the micro- and macro-scale to understand ourselves.


  • "I am really excited about the SUPERCOLLIDER concept for bringing art and science together, and especially excited about the space and art theme." — Nicole Stott, Artist, NASA Astronaut
  • “It is great to finally have a gallery in the Los Angeles community that is dedicated to art and science collaborative projects!” — Victoria Vesna, Director, UCLA Art Sci Center
  • "Civilization is the ultimate hallucination. Places like SUPERCOLLIDER are designed to puncture the balloon, and let us touch an underlying reality that is both weirder more wonderful." — Andrew Zolli, VP of Global Impact, Planet Labs
  • “With SUPERCOLLIDER, we have the opportunity to accept this symbiosis with clear intention and to reformulate the sci-art relationship in bold new ways that break the traditional mold of separateness between these fields. This is exciting!" — Aaron Bugaj, Research Scientist, Biosphere 2