4th Wall App

With app developer Drive StudiosNancy Baker Cahill, artist and Creative Director of 4th Wall, founded the app to challenge traditional experiences of public art, and to increase access to fine art through AR.  Baker Cahill named the app “4th Wall” because it both exists in and transitions from one boundary into another. Blending the physical and virtual worlds enables new creative possibilities and combinations–the potential of which she finds conceptually limitless. 4th Wall serves as a way to collectively share an augmented experience without expensive or inaccessible VR headsets and technology. 

 COORDINATES is a new, ongoing, collaborative public AR art exhibition that exists on 4th Wall and invites the viewer to be physically present at specific locations. This project was created out of the desire to use technology as a subversive form of resistance, aims to inspire thoughtful dialogue and expand our understanding of public art. This selection of artworks were premiered at FEMMEBIT Festival 2019.

Disaster Monument by Tara Dilloughery is a photo collection of landscape and portraits played out in fictional scenarios on site of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station. This highly protected concrete structure, set seaside in Southern California, was first built in 1968 and decommissioned after a leak was discovered in 2012. The destruction, corruption and influence of the Power Plant can be observed not only from its structure, but from the lives of the people that have orbited around it. This series presents a haunting look at one structures impact to an environment, population and cultural influence that has served as a monument to the community beneath it.

Linked by Richelle Gribble contains 300 scenes of plants, animals, natural resources, and technology systems. This modular and interactive puzzle-like installation reflects how all living and non-living systems interact, connect, and impact one another. This work suggests that we are evolving towards hive-like connectivity within a complex planetary society. The app has since grown to include curated and site-specific AR public art exhibitions through the COORDINATES project.