Featured Artists: Allison Maria Rodriguez, Christopher Hanusa, Jen Ann Simmons, JK Rofling, Juniper Harrower, Justin Levesque, Justin Trupiano, Richelle Gribble, Ryota Matsumoto, and Sonja Hinrichsen.

Networks are everywhere; the human body contains networks for vital biological functions like genetic signaling, cellular metabolism, and neuronal communication. Organisms use networks to adapt and thrive, such as the “wood-wide web” of fungal tree root connections. Networks are a hallmark of modern life, from the networks of transportation to the multi faceted network that is the Internet.

Networks connect us across scales, geographies, and time. In looking at the systems of life through the lens of network science, how does the structure of a network affect its function? What can we learn from the networks formed by the forces of nature, micro to macro? How have social networks changed with the influx of communication technologies like Facebook, Snapchat, and WhatsApp?

Writings: Marnie Benney | Photo Credit (below): Richelle Gribble