Venture to new heights.

SUPERCOLLIDER is proud to present the Space for Humanity Artist Residency, a space + art virtual residency linking artists and space professionals to develop collaborative projects together. Selected participants will be coupled to explore their shared interests in space science. The primary goal of this residency is to explore the frontiers of space and art through creative inquiry and artistic expression.

This residency links artists with Space For Humanity, to encourage more participation and collaboration in space. Space for Humanity’s mission is to expand access to space, train our leaders of tomorrow, and cultivate a movement towards a more harmonious world. Application closed.

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Images Courtesy of Space for Humanity and NASA.

The SUPERCOLLIDER x Space for Humanity Virtual Residency wrapped up at the end of 2021. Our resident artist and scientist pairs explored intersections in space and artistic research, utilizing space for humanity’s mission of ‘making space for everybody’ as a point of inspiration to consider equitable ways of existing in space and on other planets. The teams collaborated over the course of our 6 week virtual residency and participated in dialogue with guest artists and scientists including NASA/JPL Engineer David Jefferson; Kosmica Institute; and artist Erika Blumenfeld.

The teams generated project ideas that explored their shared interests and practices and presented their projects during our final presentation with guest artists and scientists returning to join the group. Their projects explored topics as wide ranging as plants on the planet Mars, human bodies in the lava tubes of Mars, the ubiquity of plastics on our home planet and others, and well as the embodied experience of space radiation. We are so inspired by the collaboration, collective thinking, and ingenuity of our resident artist and scientists.


Berfin Ataman

Olivia Siu

Rachel Lyons

Nahum Mantra

Lucia Monge

Mariana Paredes

David Jefferson

Dr. Graham Lau

Dr. Michaela Musilova

Dr. Tanya Harrison

Erika Blumenfeld

Amy Wetsch

Isabel Beavers


Growing Plants on Martian Time

Lucia Monge + Dr. Graham Lau

‘Growing Plants on Martian time’ is an installation and sculptural project that juxtaposes simulated environments of Earth and Mars and how plants would grow in these conditions. The installation allows the audience to experience Martian and Earth time through the life of plants.

Lucia Monge Website
Dr. Graham Lau Website

Feeling Mars

Berfin Ataman + Dr. Michaela Musilova

Feeling Mars is an interactive installation that allows the audience to experience the tunnel-like formations found in lava caves and on Mars to simulate the embodied experience of another planet.

Berfin Ataman Website
Dr. Michaela Musilova Website

Cosmic Radiation

Amy Wetsch + Olivia Siu

Olivia Siu and artist Amy Wetsch presented plans for a project exploring space radiation through a multisensory art installation that generates a ‘feeling of countless-ness, yet high individualization.’

Amy Wetsch Website
Olivia Siu website

Planet of Plastic

Mariana Paredes + Dr. Tanya Harrison

Planet of Plastic that critiques the ubiquity of plastics in the Earth’s environment, and imagines a planet with a microbiota and mythologies that originate from the cellular structure of plastics.

Mariana Paredes Website
Dr. Tanya Harrison Website