SUPERCOLLIDER presents Regardless of the Weather, new work by Cara Levine at the Mothership HQ in the Beacon Arts Building in Inglewood, CA. The installation explores Levine’s perpetual interest in objects – our bodily relationships to them, the stories they tell, the trails they leave behind, and their (and our) absences. 

Five Snakes in The Grass, Aluminum, 24 x 30”, 2022; Banner Image (Above) Emperor’s Steps, Aluminum, 9’ x 12’ x 3’, 2022

Regardless of the Weather is a turn inwards, examining the handmade, intimate, and symbolic. The solitary and tedious labor involved in this work, comes as a response to years of working predominantly in collaborative, interactive, and political projects like DIG, A Hole to Put Your Grief In (2021), and This is Not A Gun (2016-present), as well as an antidote to the past two years ruled evermore by digital interfaces. Through weaving metal and carving wood, Levine devises works of movement, ephemerality, and mystery.

The first, and smallest of the woven pieces, House (2021), appears to have emerged from a roiling sea and could devolve just as quickly – coming together and undone all at once. The weavings engage with the structural properties of the thin sheet metal material, aluminum foil. The ability for it to hold and maintain the structure of an emptiness, or hollow form, ties back to Levine’s interest in absence and the record-keeping of “object history.”  Furthermore, the meaning of the word foil (to prevent from attaining an end; to thwart; and to enhance by contrast, among other meanings, represents a simple yet complex material and linguistic pun.

Installation View, Regardless of the Weather, 2022

Foil can make a record, like a 3D rubbing of a moment in time, as delicate as it is fleeting. It can also make a tapestry, or a basket, an age-old technology for linking loose strands into fabric and form – connecting all parts. The silver surfaces reflect and refract like a warped mirror and evoke shimmering digital pixels. Levine proposes that we are made of and by all of these parts. In The Chain of Being, a poem by Jewish mystic, Moses de León, he writes, “the entire chain is one,” this is as true for a chain, as for a weaving, as for a collection of computer generated dots on a screen.

Regardless of The Weather, the trash must go out. Regardless of the Weather, there is joy and there is suffering. Regardless of the Weather, we keep at it.

This presentation is a part of SuperCollider’s SciArt Ambassador Program, of which Levine is a part of the 2nd annual cohort. 

Mirror Mask, Aluminum, 36” x 48” x 9”, 2022

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