Facilitated by UCLA Art | Sci Center and Mindshare LA.

Mindshare LA

It Came from Nano Space…and it plays by different rules! As technology heralds fantastic opportunities it also brings ethical quandaries and unexpected challenges. Linking brains to machines is making us explore the frontiers and boundaries of what it means to be human; cutting-edge genetic therapies are saving lives and forcing us to question our previous limitations; quantum computing is promising unparalleled computer processing while upending the world of digital security; and from the moment we are born we start to share our lives with organisms in our gut biome that shape our mood and behavior. OH, YES! Wild, wild things are happening at the tiny scale! Who and what are we, really? And more importantly, what are we becoming?

The 2020 Vision Series is a four part journey that MindshareLA is producing in collaboration with UCLA so please join us for the inaugural event as we collectively explore how the smallest things can have profound implications on all of our lives. In addition to the talks there will be the usual well-stocked bar, delicious food, delightful performances, and enlightened debauchery for which MindshareLA is known.

SUPERCOLLIDER x Beyond Earth present…Space Art DNA Time Capsule, the Pioneer Plaque of the 21st Century, featuring hundreds of crowd-sourced drawings created by individuals from around the world. Drawn images represent a visual message to space, reflecting life on Earth and our collective role as citizens of the future. This vast collection of drawings is encoded into DNA, nature’s oldest and most resilient storage device. The DNA is encased in a minuscule, lightweight capsule built for spaceflight.

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Images Courtesy of Mindshare LA.
Images Courtesy of Mindshare LA.