Featured Artists: Richelle Gribble, Janna Avner, Elí Joteva, Amanda Stojanov.

Strange Brew, Oil paint, wax, refraction gradients, oil and nail polish on canvas, 21 x 25 inches. Artwork by Janna Avner.

Vibrant Matter is an exhibition of artworks exploring open-ended technologies and different mediums through exhibitions, open studios, artist-led tours, and pop-up events. It will take place at Beacon Arts Building in August, and will reveal Los Angeles-based art centered on our ecosystem, technological advancements, and new possibilities for holistic art practices.

This exhibition merges mediums of both organic and inorganic imagery—such as depictions of plant life with holographic materials—that become woven into larger compositions. The synthesis of light and matter, terra firma with computerized simulations, is a dissection of these qualities’ distinct possibilities. These integrations are also attempts at holistic coherence. When combined, these vibrant materials become something else entirely—not as teleological resolution for all kinds of creative activity, but as progress toward hopeful futurities.

Writings: Janna Avner | Photo Credit (below): Dahn Gim