Featured Artists: Kira Xonorika, Yara Feghali, Jamison Edgar, Alice Bucknell, Paige Emery, Laure Michelon

Re-Fest brings artists, activists, scientists, and technologists together to explore our role in re-shaping the future. Presented in a hybrid format, Re-Fest is a participatory event that engages the public through exhibitions, performances, workshops, and conversations.

Re–Fest 2023’s theme is “Re-New,” which will critically examine our culture’s obsession with newness, reframing our relationship to creation and progress.  How can we prioritize ancestral knowledge and forgotten technologies in order to renew our relationship with creation and innovation? The theme “Re-New” will provide a framework to challenge our industry’s fixation on newness–new technologies, new ideas, new stories–which values discovery and pioneering, terms that can conjure colonial narratives and images. Re-Fest ‘23 will renew our relationship to creation and innovation by centering ancient practices, healing rituals, and ancestral knowledge as tools to map our paths forward.

In celebration of the 10th annual year of Re–Fest, CultureHub will invite partners to co-curate the festival, renewing the festival’s commitment to decentralized curation and radical inclusion of communities that represent a wide variety of identities, geographies, disciplines, and modes of working.

Festival sites in NYC and LA will leverage online/offline spaces to connect communities throughout the world, converging disparate disciplines, perspectives, and approaches in an effort to spark renewal.