“Earth-Gazing: Earth from Space” is an exhibition centered around the concept of ‘earth-gazing,’ a practice of observing Earth from an elevated perspective, eliciting a deep sense of reflection about our planet’s intricacies and beauty. This theme resonates through the show, uniting diverse artworks that offer unique viewpoints on Earth and space. From the aerial perspective in “Earth Gaze” to the introspective “Inploration: Looking Within,” each piece prompts a reevaluation of our connection with our planet and the cosmos.

The exhibition presents a range of artworks that engage with this theme in varied ways. “Martian Rocks” explores sustainable methods in space exploration, while “Our Humanity” reflects on the potential and collaborative nature of humans through a symbolic journey into space. “A Thousand to One” examines the impact of overpopulation, transforming the artwork into synthetic DNA sent to the stratosphere. Each artwork, while distinct in its approach, contributes to the overarching narrative of earth-gazing, inviting viewers to contemplate their role in the larger tapestry of Earth and space.