Featured Artists: Mick Lorusso, Kaitlin Bryson, Joel Ong, Emma Akmakdijan, and Maru García.

“recordando los pasados futuros,” remediation pillow made with P. Ostreatus installed at septic tank drainage to target E. Coli. Artwork by Kaitlyn Bryson.

In the midst of the climate emergency, we yearn to go beyond the nature-culture divide by proposing an alternative: we seek to become a culture of bioremediating organisms. 

SUPERCOLLIDER presents multimedia sculpture and digital artworks of woven textile, dirt, plantlife, and electric current responding to the profound impact of microorganisms on macro-scales, inspired by a culture of bioremediation, which are organisms that self-recycle, as an invitation to exercise our possibility to act as remediators instead of exploiters. 

Vacuoles, a video by Maru Garcia, projects cellular images of plants that naturally absorb lead as a natural waste-containment system, initiating solutions for lead-contaminated properties. 

Woven Sculptures titled Systemmare, by Emma Akmakdijan, repurpose material run-off from pollution, combining ancestral weaving patterns with found industrial materials, such as commercial fishing rope to present a web of life.

Destroying to deplete nature through synthetic processes that take up finite resources for financial interest has reached its terminal end. SUPERCOLLIDER celebrates a culture of change through a new generation of artists vis-à-vis artworks that are fluidly industrious bio-saving supercells.

Writings: Janna Avner, ed. Richelle Gribble | Photo Credit: Richelle Gribble